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Meet Bridget

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Before joining BAReFIT she’d just had her first baby and struggled to control her weight post pregnancy. Plus she struggled with her energy levels and passion to train consistently. She was used to the bootcamp style of training and had done some sessions before with another supplier.

Bridgets first session with us was legendary. It was our famous boxing class. She was surprised with how engaged our trainers were and how much energy was created during the session. She felt pumped and super happy she pushed herself throughout the whole session.

6 months later she was feeling great but struggling with her Nutrition so she got involved with our Nutrition Program. She was skeptical and worried at the start as she wasn’t sure if she had the discipline but was surprised after a week how great she felt.

6 months on she’s still on the program and finds it a breeze. Plus she’s able to go on holiday, have a little binge but knowing she’s got the program to fall back on.

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