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Meet Grant

Grant started training with BAReFIT after receiving a flyer through his door mid Jan.

Grant was looking to for a new way to keep motivated and fit but struggled in the past to stay motivated.

He was a busy professional working in the city, a family man with a couple of kids with little time on his hands.

On Grants 1st ever session with us he struggled to run up a hill without feeling his muscles tighten and seize up. We had to get the ice out on numerous occasions. But instead of giving up Grant took each session as a stepping stone to the next. With the 27/7 support and accountability through the teamwork style of training Grant found BAReFIT an easy hobby to commit to.

Over time the muscles worked better, the tightness stopped and Grant’s confidence grew and grew. From a 200 metre run, to 2000 metres to 20 kms…. He’s proved to the world that whatever fitness level you are, the only thing stopping you from a goal is your mind. Well done Grant for your inspiration to our community, yourself and your family.

Grant Transformation

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