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What fitness level do I need to be to participate?

Any fitness level can participate, although we recommend you choosing a class that suits you best. Our sessions are predominantly interval based or rep based (to your own ability) meaning you can decide your own base and not feel like you’re being left behind.

What if I’m injured?

If you’re injured or have a chronic weakness in a particular area we’ll do what we can to either eliminate it, isolate it, or minimize it! Our team won’t leave you behind. For example, if you can’t squat we’ll provide alternatives that help you achieve your goal. This goes for any other mobility, flexibility, or stabilising issues that you might have. We have a fantastic support crew including physiotherapists and masseurs who, along with our expert trainers, will do their best to eliminate any issues your machine may have.

I hate getting up early

Like all of us, there is a temptation to roll over and let the alarm clock win the battle. Your body and peace of mind deserves much more, so there’s nothing wrong with given it a try. We offer a free week to try the routine and in return we guarantee you a feeling of achievement. Energy levels will peak, performance will increase and endorphins will go through the roof. You’re be surprised with how much happier you feel.

Can you help me lose weight?

We are committed to you and your success. At BAReFiT we make a promise to commit ourselves to helping you and supporting you throughout the process. In return you must commit to the goal and follow the process. If you create new habits, new routines and believe in yourself, then anything is possible. YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

Will I get muscle soreness?

The first week is likely to shock the muscles, especially if they haven’t been used in a while. i.e. Toilet-Seat Bum.. As Ange will tell you, one of our most loyal clients its after the second week when the soreness disparages, and the muscle becomes immune to the growth and increased concentrations of enzymes in blood.

What are the advantages of joining BAReFiT?

BAReFiT is a training experience unlike other traditional styles. We act like a dog would to its owner. From being welcomed like you would after a long days work, from being caring and considerate throughout the exercises to listening to your needs and providing the collateral to support it. i.e using exercises you enjoy and picking you up when you need it most. All this for half the price of a personal trainer.

What to expect on that first session?

Expect to be welcomed like family, listened to intently and introduced warmly to the team. Then expect extreme excitement and a sense of achievement when its time to go home. Lastly, remember to bring a comfy pair of trainers and an open mind. Your BAReFiT water bottle will be waiting for you.

What about the payment terms?

Currently we offer complete programs in which we cover everything you need to know to get the best results possible from your fitness program. This means we spend a lot of time with our clients working on Nutrition, and the exercise components that are required to achieving some serious results. Currently we offer a FREE week to give you a bit of an insight, plus to see if we are a good fit to you and your goals. Then generally depending on your budget, our programs range from $35 to $44 a week and that’s dependent on the options that you choose

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